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Their other friends are growing and changing, too: Nate has become cold and politically calculating — but not so cold and calculating that he pushes Vanessa into the Hudson River when she threatens to thwart his cousin’s campaign for Congress.Chuck, oddly, has developed into a compassionate, bridge-building adult, and Dan Humphrey has come to enjoy dating a rich, famous person — although other than that, he’s still pretty much an awkwarddork. ” Stickers: • Serena: “Ryan [Phillippe] totally lost his mojo after Reese got with Jake.” When you’re right, you’re right. • Chuck, on his rooms in the Empire Hotel: “Blair’s favorite part? It’s naughty.” Plus only 1, because it’s not as though he needed to explain to Nate.Craig David hasn't wasted much time after splitting from ex-girlfriend Francesca Neill.The singer, 28, was spotted with a mystery brunette in Paris over the weekend, who looks remarkably like his Mancunian ex.It took me three years to get into drama school, but that film did a lot for me when it came to my professional growth. Glamour: Shane, your full name is actually Shannon Bruce Snaith. I'm kind of the first of the kids that was born in America. Shane: It was my decision when I started getting attacked. I did actually go by Bruce in high school because when I moved from Louisiana to California, I started to get teased in junior high that I had a girl's name. Basically when I turned 18, if someone called me Shannon, I knew it was my family.When I was about 16, we changed it, and it was sort of for protection. So trying to fit in, here I'm a Southern boy with long hair and an accent and coming from no money, I wanted to fit in. If someone called me Bruce, that was only high school. Ashley: I'm pretty down to earth, but I do Pilates sessions one on one.When "Bill Nye the Science Guy" conducts an experiment, it always seems to have a positive outcome.But apparently things don't always run that smoothly in his personal life.

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[But] I was very grateful, and I still am grateful for it. I was 16 and working with really respected British actors. Over lunch at West Hollywood see-and-be-seen hot spot Cecconi's, we ate our weight in food, celebrated Shane's birthday, and shared crazy Hollywood stories. Hanging out with these two (who star on WGN America's hit new series ) isn't work at all, and it's only because of how laid-back, witty, and thoughtful they are.These days, most of the inquiries come directly from the tallglassofmilk inbox, but I still keep an eye on the keywords for inspiration -- and amusement.Some inquiries have been answered, some simply cannot be answered and some just don't deserve to be answered.

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