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ALLISON'S CAR - DAY Alison drives the kids to school.

SADIE I Googled "murder." ALISON You Googled "murder?

BEN'S HOUSE - DAY BEN STONE, 23, cute in a chunky Jewish guy sort of way, boxes one of his roommates, MARTIN. At one point they fight with gloves which are on fire, balancing on a plank over a dirty pool.

His other roommates, JAY and JASON fight with broom sticks. Ben now has a fishbowl filled with weed smoke over his head.

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There is a smoking joint in his mouth, making the bowl get cloudier and cloudier.

AMUSEMENT PARK - A DIFFERENT DAY Ben and roommates ride a terrifying rollercoaster. ALLISON'S BEDROOM - MORNING ALISON SCOTT, pretty, 24, wakes up to her radio alarm. DEBBIE AND PETE'S HOUSE, BEDROOM Allison's sister, DEBBIE, sleeps on the floors of the bedroom, while her husband, PETE, sleeps on the bed with their eight-year- old daughter SADIE.

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