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So, to make sure you understand what features we access and what data we actually collect, we've provided a more detailed breakdown and discussion of the permissions below.

Click on any of the permissions and you'll be linked to Google's official documentation for that permission.

Google has found that “users complete forms up to 30% faster” when using autofill.

So let’s learn how autofill works, how to build forms that support cross browser autofill, and take advantage of new features like scanning credit cards.

All-to-often companies will leave an older product to focus on making it appealing to purchase new products.

Not so with nest and I'm glad I made the decision to go with them.

What’s cuter than baby pandas rolling all over the floor? With the ease of live streaming these days, there are now a variety of available live animal cams online.

Maybe a baby giraffe trying to take its first steps! Broadcasters can easily set up a live animal cam using just a camera, an internet connection and a streaming platform. If you want to set up an animal live video streaming channel on Da Cast, here are a few tips to get you started.

Perhaps I need a degree in network engineering to really get the best picture. The feature to scrub through a timeline to quickly see activities is perfect. I'm planning on buying the new outdoor camera soon and possibly another indoor camera.

Until recently, there were no standards when it came to autofill.

Each browser implemented their autofill features differently and there was little documentation on how a browser determines what content a field expects.

--UPDATE--I wanted to take a moment and make an update to my original review I gave this product.

The original review was made prior to the new app update, which really does an amazing job in increasing overall functionality of the camera as a whole.

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