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I had no time for family, no time for dating, no time for myself. And I had none.” He had a dream to own a business, but he didn’t have money or experience to make it happen. And it offered something regular jobs no longer provided – stability.For me, it was a chance to build a new life with a solid future.” His brother introduced him to the business opportunity. Will and his Asshat Father are having lunch and deciding what to do with the rest of their time together.Will suggest the Opry, but Asshat Father would rather meet “The lady in your life.” Will dismisses the idea, telling he he has no time for dating, and then hurriedly changes the subject, telling him he has to meet Luke to discuss the big concert.They’re saying you’re gay, Will.” Will: “It’s not what it looks like.” Luke: “Here’s the thing. What do I care about is getting out in front of it.Those pictures are either of two guys out of town working on material, or they’re of two guys in a relationship.This first book in a new series takes place in the small town of Hope, Oklahoma.

Luke: “The Enquirer’s gonna be running a story on you.

And the products were among the best I ever used.” Rattanaphansr found that if he applied himself and worked diligently, he was able to earn a good income.

He spent the first five years working hard on his business, and in that time his life changed dramatically.

He asked a lot of questions and was satisfied that it was transparent, flexible and fair.

“The more I learned about the Amway business, the more I realized it was a good fit for what I wanted …

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