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I would stay so far under the radar, youd never find me, Vater said yesterday after buying a Mega Millions lottery ticket at CVS, 109 S. Everyone likes to fantasize about what they would do with more than a half-billion dollars, Vater said.

If youre Sean Vater, the answer is obvious disappear. The Ohio Lottery Commission typically knows within a few hours whether a winning ticket was sold, and where.

For the price of the car (0) you can't beat it, even if the transmission is going out.

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Virgin Islands, players were waiting breathlessly yesterday to find out whether they won the worlds largest jackpot.i would change tranny filter and fluid just to see how many metal shavings are in there and run magnet in old fluid to see if theres shavings if you got chunks time for a new tranny not to long down the road anyway. He added that hed arrange for care for his family, max the hell out of his kids college funds, and visit the site in Hawaii where his mothers ashes were scattered.I am looking to buy a 1995 Ford Escort and I was told the transmission slips a little when it is cold outside.I am assuming the transmission is going out, My question is how much does a transmission usually cost for the year and type of car? Does that sound like the transmission is going out?

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