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Went to there place well known to all the members on forum.

The only thing crazy fangirls hate more than closet gays, is liars.

Oh and his favourite song is Erasure's 'L'Amour' and he loves to take his clothes off.

The best thing he can do if he wants to continue riding the fame, is publicly say that he is single, and wants to keep it that way, as he has to concentrate on his career right now, and it would be selfish to expect a 'partner' to have to put up with that blah blah.

I called Mimi once again and this time chose Maria as I have seen some good reviews in the forum. She went to wash and clean herself first so 1 mark for cleanliness I also cleaned myself and both us got down to our birthday suits. She has medium boobs with responsive nipples, but boobs are little saggy.

Had visited couple of SP got contacts through You Tube.

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