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5 What Are Cost-Effective Business Applications of Facebook and Twitter (or Whatever Will Soon Appear)? 25 Q2 How Can Business Process Modelling Help Organisations? 13 Ethics Guide Ethics and Professional Responsibility 14 Q5 What Is Your Role in Is Security?Counting the Layers Biblical critics respond, however, that some of the ice cores have been dated as very old by simply counting the “annual” layers, independently of old-Earth assumptions.For instance, secular scientists have counted 110,000 supposed annual layers in the uppermost 2,800 meters in Greenland’s GISP2 core.(LLS).

My previous article made a number of points about these ice cores.They also predict extreme ice-layer thinning in the deeper parts of the cores, with the deepest layers only being about a millimeter thick.Second, creation scientists have constructed ice-flow models that assume the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets began forming shortly after the Genesis Flood about 4,500 years ago.that the ice sheets have been in existence for millions of years.Not surprisingly, they assign vast ages to ice deep within the cores.

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