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Bicep is a membership site presenting fun and sexy flexin'. (Formerly known as boomerflex.) Athletic Women Magazine has been doing a great job for many years. Muscle Sensuality is a membership site with plenty of great models. Heller Collection is an awesome archive of our femuscle heritage. J.'s son continues in this proud tradition with LHArt. FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos. European FBB hosts pages for over 30 women, mostly French FBBs.

Ebony Muscle and Physique Art Inc are associated sites. Muscle Elegance Magazine delivers photos of muscular women in a mainstream porn format. The Valkyries might look like just a place that sells excellent tee shirts, but its owner is also one of the great supporters of strong women. Lokrantz Consulting provides FBB management, contest pics and comments. Paul Dorman is a chat room pal and general admirer of strong female arms. Australian Women With Muscle is a nice little site by the terrific Sandra Lee Jose.

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Gone are the days of going to the video store or having to pay for quality porn.The major sites: Diana The Valkyrie Her Biceps Fem Flex Awe Films Gene X and FTVideo Muscle Angels and Muscle Angels Video HD Physiques AMG Lite Women's Physique World is where most of us first discovered these great ladies. Buff Calendar Girls -- show some support and order it! Lorenzo's Gallery is another fan collection of familiar pics. Girls with Muscle is all fan-contributed flexing pics. Turkish Female Sports covers the scene in that part of the world, a very good site, lots of updates.Their main site now seems to be WPWMax.com, followed by WPW Magazine Online, then their original site. The Northwest/BC FBB page (Twixpix) provides excellent coverage of the scene in that corner of North America.The sites are generally listed in the order of usefulness to me, with new sites added to the bottom of each category and moving up as they prove their value. West Coast Athletic has lots of female athlete photos.This is entirely subjective and no insults are intended. Buff Chics is a membership site featuring hot ladies from Vancouver. Hardbody Radio is an audio show devoted to the ladies. FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos. Imaginary Fights pretends to be about girl fights, but is really about flexing pics. Bodybuilding teens has some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

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